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Shannon drove 1,000 miles each way to have her head shaved- along with Ryan, her “beau.” We think Shannon is a Hair Enthusiast. Why? Because she has agreed to shave her head!! She has wanted to cut her hair short, but was always afraid to do it. All that is about to change!!

What is this gorgeous 22 year old BABE doing in our studio? You can bet she’s not here to sing “Heartbreak Hotel.”

She’s here because she’s got a “Hunka Hunka Burning Love” for Ryan, an Avid Hair Enthusiast and her boyfriend, who’s been trying to talk Shannon into shaving her head for the past two years.

Finally Shannon relented and agreed to shave her head as a birthday present for Ryan (we should all be so lucky!!)

Now comes the best part- Shannon insisted that her haircut be done in our studio, so Shannon and Ryan hopped in the car and drove all the way to Chicago for her haircut.

Shannon was VERY nervous about cutting her beloved hair, but she went through with it.

Shannon drove 1,000 miles to shave her head. All the Hair Enthusiasts joined us with front row seats, watching with delight as Shannon was shorn and shaved!! Bravo, brave Shannon!!


Curly, Here is my story- A couple of years ago my boyfriend (Ryan) and I went to get our haircut together. My hair was nearly to my butt and I was just getting a trim. After we were done to my amazement Ryan said I should get it all cut off. I thought it was a little strange since he had told me before that he liked my hair long.

Surprisingly I said ok since I had always wanted to cut my hair short but was always too scared. So we went to a different salon since I wouldn’t trust that kind of haircut to someone at Fantastic Sams which was where we were at the time. So we went and I got all of my hair cut off. It was scary at first but she cut my hair in stages since I was too afraid to let her take it all off at once. It was the first time I had ever had short hair.

After that Ryan revealed to me that he had a hair fetish. I thought it was a little strange but after seeing some of the websites he visited I thought it was perfectly harmless. I kind of got annoyed with it at times because he would always bug me about getting my hair cut. But knowing how happy it made him made it alright and I don’t mind it anymore. I even got my hair cut into an inverted bob with the back buzzed because he wanted me to even though I hated it.

I like my hair better long and over the last couple years I have been letting it grow out. But recently I’ve been thinking of getting it cut really short again. I liked it short it was easy to take care of and I thought it looked good on me.

Even though I was thinking about getting it cut I didn’t tell Ryan because he would bug the hell out of me about doing it. He has been wanting me to get it cut short again since I did it the first time. Then one day he asked me if I would cut it for some cash.

He told me you guys at haircut.net would pay a lot if I got my head shaved and surprisingly enough I said ok as long as I could stay home for awhile and not have to see any family or friends in Pennsylvania which is where we’re from originally.

Even though I was getting paid the real reason I did it was for Ryan because I care about him very much and would do anything for him, and also because I wanted to get him something special for his birthday.

He has often told me that I should get my hair cut for him for his birthday or Christmas or anniversary. So we headed for Chicago to get my head shaved. I have to say I wasn’t really nervous about the actual haircut. I was more nervous about how I was going to look with a bald head. I thought I looked a lot better bald than I thought I would. It was actually kind of fun and I know Ryan enjoyed it. I would definitely do it again in the future.

It’s neat not having any hair. I was apprehensive about going out in public bald at first but that soon wore off. Thanks for making the whole process easy for me. You and your wife were really nice and that made it a lot easier for me. We had fun and I hope maybe we can do it again some time. Thanks, Shannon

Dear Shannon,

On behalf of all the Hair Enthusiasts, we thank you for your beauty, your bravery and for driving all the way to Chicago from Graceland to shave your head!! You will always be treasured as “ONE OF US.”


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