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This is a tale of an amazing woman, willing to put up with a Hair Enthusiast husband for 30 years, who gave him the most amazing Christmas gift when she shaved her head. They were high school sweethearts. Soon after they started dating, John told Glenda that he loved short hair on girls, and she let him cut her hair short after school one day. John was amazed that Glenda was brave enough to cut her hair short (this was, after all, the 70’s, when short hair wasn’t popular for girls). He didn’t do a perfect job, so they went together to the beauty shop, where they “straightened out” her haircut. 

Glenda would let John cut her hair from time to time and his talents at haircutting grew. They indulged each other with whatever wishes they could grant each other. There was nothing Glenda wouldn’t do for John and nothing John wouldn’t do for Glenda. Their love knew no bounds. By the end of high school, they were virtually inseperable, going everywhere together and doing everything together. Theirs was a match made in heaven, as they were both sweethearts and the best of friends.

They dated all through college, both going to the same university.In her sophomore year, after growing her hair out to nearly waist length, Glenda let John cut her hair to within an inch of her scalp. She claimed she loved her new haircut- but if she did it was because John loved it. 

Soon after graduating from college, they were married. Glenda had grown her hair out to shoulder length for the wedding, but on the honeymoon she let John cut her hair into a short pixie. It wasn’t that she liked having short hair- she actually preferred having long flowing locks- but she knew how much it pleased him to cut her hair, and she viewed it as a small sacrifice to please her new husband. 

In the ensuing years, they had three kids, and settled into raising their family. Over the years, Glenda wore her hair in all different styles, sometimes letting John do the cutting, sometimes going to salons to have it cut, sometimes surprising him on special occasions with a new short haircut.

With every short haircut came roses, boxes of chocolate, and pure gratitude, for he knew she was doing it for him. Each haircut also provoked John’s passion, and for Glenda, that alone was worth cutting her hair. 

Glenda also noticed that, as the years went by, she would get a lot of compliments when her hair was short, and less and less when her hair was long. From time to time, they joked about having Glenda shave her head, but that was out of the question. John had gotten ahold of some copies of a magazine called The Razor’s Edge, and they would look at the pictures together. She knew that he would love it if she shaved her head, but how would it look at PTA meetings when Johnny’s Mom showed up with a shaved head? No, that would have to wait till the kids were grown. 

Finally, with the last of the kids off to college, Glenda decided it was time, while she was still good looking enough for it to excite him, to give John the greatest Christmas gift of all. She told him of her decision right after Thanksgiving, and he was awestruck!! How lucky he was to have a woman so loving and understanding as to shave her head for him.

There were a lot of details to be decided, and some tough choices to be made. First off, the kids had to be told. Both sons were fine with her decision, saying “Go for it,” but their daughter tried to dissuade Glenda from doing it. Then there was the matter of timing. They were friends with Slick Ed, and wanted him to do the haircut, but he could only do it on a Saturday the week before Christmas- the day before the big office party. Would she wear a wig to the office party? No way!! She insisted that she show off her new look and would not wear a wig to the office party. 

The night before the haircut, Glenda got no sleep, tossing and turning in bed, wondering how she would look bald, wondering if people would laugh at her. She didn’t care- this was a special gift, and she would carry off her new haircut come hell or high water with the same grace that she did everything else.

The drive to Slick Ed’s took over an hour, and they pondered how various friends and relatives would react. She was so nervous by this point that they had to stop twice along the way to use the bathroom. She honestly didn’t know if she could go through with it. Her heart was pounding by the time they got to Slick Ed’s.

Once inside, after exchanging pleasantries, Slick Ed ushered her into the chair. At that point a strange calm came over her, and she suddenly felt serene and not nervous at all. “I’m going to go through with this,” she said to herself, “And I’m going to have fun with it.”

In the moments that followed she got a haircut like none she had ever had before. Slick Ed ran the clippers right down the middle to start the haircut, cutting her hair to a mere 1/4″ buzzcut. Once the haircut started, she knew she couldn’t turn back, and figured she might as well enjoy the sensation of the clippers cutting her hair. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the tickling sensation as the clippers nibbled off all her hair. Meanwhile, John, seated just a few feet away, was beaming from ear to ear, watching his ultimate fantasy take place before his very eyes. 

Once her hair was cut to a buzz-cut, Slick Ed put the 000 blade on the clippers and ran them all over Glenda’s head, leaving nothing but stubble behind. He then put the 00000 blade on the hungry clippers, feeding them Glenda’s hair till it was less than a millimeter in length. She enjoyed the feeling as she ran her hands over her clippered scalp for the first time.

Next came the razor shaving as Slick Ed pulled out a gleaming straight razor and shaved her head smooth as silk. When it was over, she looked at herself in the mirror, ran her hand over her head and said “Surprisingly, I like it.” John came over and ran his hands over her head, and the look on his face was worth the whole thing to Glenda. She had never seen him happier.

On the way home, they talked about who to visit first to show off Glenda’s new haircut, and decided to show Jack, their eldest son, first, because he had been the most enthusiastic supporter of Glenda’s decision. John said he just wanted to stop home first to pick up something. 

As they turned the corner and neared their house, Glenda saw a brand new Mercedes convertible sports car sitting in the driveway with a big bow on the hood. “Oh my God!” she shrieked. “I can’t believe it!!” Needless to say, Glenda loved her Christmas present as much as John loved his. 

They spent the day driving all over town in the new Mercedes, stopping to freak out family and friends alike. 

Glenda could hardly keep her hands on the steering wheel, as she kept feeling her head and getting used to her newly shaved scalp. 

That night, they spent half the night making love, and the day’s events seemed to re-kindle old fires and stoke the flames of their romance anew.

Most interesting was the Christmas party the next day. John worked for a large company, and there were over 200 people at the Christmas party, most of whom had known John and Glenda for years. 

When they arrived, a crowd gathered around them as if the Queen of England had just arrived, with everyone wanting to feel Glenda’s shaved head. 

Needless to say, Glenda was the main topic of conversation at the party, and the center of attention. Many of the women told Glenda she looked great with a shaved head, but they would never have the nerve to do it. 

Everyone admired her for her bravery, and it turned out that Glenda’s fears about being ridiculed at the party were all for nought. 

The next two weeks were like an extended honeymoon as John and Glenda went all around town to show off Glenda’s haircut (and her new car). Each evening John sat Glenda down before the dressing room mirror and shaved Glenda’s head, followed by lovemaking with the passion they had had when they were much younger. Even after the holidays, Glenda let John shave her head for a few more weeks before she began growing out her hair. Even when her hair did grow back, things weren’t the same. John was as attentive to her as he had been in high school. The whole experience had been positive- if not a bit frightening- but Glenda was glad she had given John this wonderful Christmas gift.

And now, we present Glenda’s headshaving DVD. We hope you all will enjoy it!!


NOW SHOWING- Crystal is a beautiful young waitress who shaved her head on the same night as Mary (DVD 110). We are pleased and thrilled to announce that our REMAKE OF CRYSTAL’S HEADSHAVE is NOW SHOWING on the sub site, featuring NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE of both Crystal and Mary. Join the fun!! 

Is Curly obsessed with Crystal? Aren’t you?

Crystal is VERY NERVOUS before the start of the haircut.

“OH MY GOD” says Crystal as the clippers drive right down the middle.

HOMECOMING QUEEN- Mary shaved her head the first time when she was in high school. Then, she was elected Homecoming Queen of her high school, perhaps the first such BALD BEAUTY QUEEN in America. On this evening, she’s becoming a BALD BEAUTY QUEEN AGAIN!! Can you imagine getting to see both Mary and Crystal shaving their heads on the same evening?

Crystal is 21 years old, and answered our ad “WOULD YOU SHAVE YOUR HEAD FOR $500?”

Crystal’s long red hair is about to meet the clippers as we waste no time running the clippers right down the middle. In 60 seconds, all of Crystal’s long red hair is lying in her lap. Think it’s easy to shave your head, even in these modern times? We think it takes a lot of bravery!

“OH MY GOD!” says Crystal as the clippers run right down the middle. In minutes she says, “All my hair is lying in my lap!”

MORE VIDEO PRODUCERS WANTED- In order to promote more video productions, we are purchasing videos for the subscription site, paid in cash. Video producers can quickly recover their modeling fees and the community can enjoy the new videos. Call or text Curly at 847-986-9343

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435 HANNA Now Showing on Haircut.net

Hanna’s latest transformation is unlike anything she’s done before.

Hanna has made the bold decision to shave her head and embrace a bald look.

The bald head is a daring look that takes confidence to pull off, but Hanna is doing it with ease and grace.

The decision to shave her head was not an easy one for Hanna, but she felt that it was time for a change.

She wanted to try something different and embrace a new look that was both stylish and modern. The result is a stunning bald head that is sure to turn heads.

Hanna is a true inspiration to all those who are thinking about trying a new hairstyle.

Watch 435 HANNA Now on Haircut.net

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Shannon drove 1,000 miles each way to have her head shaved- along with Ryan, her “beau.” We think Shannon is a Hair Enthusiast. Why? Because she has agreed to shave her head!! She has wanted to cut her hair short, but was always afraid to do it. All that is about to change!!

What is this gorgeous 22 year old BABE doing in our studio? You can bet she’s not here to sing “Heartbreak Hotel.”

She’s here because she’s got a “Hunka Hunka Burning Love” for Ryan, an Avid Hair Enthusiast and her boyfriend, who’s been trying to talk Shannon into shaving her head for the past two years.

Finally Shannon relented and agreed to shave her head as a birthday present for Ryan (we should all be so lucky!!)

Now comes the best part- Shannon insisted that her haircut be done in our studio, so Shannon and Ryan hopped in the car and drove all the way to Chicago for her haircut.

Shannon was VERY nervous about cutting her beloved hair, but she went through with it.

Shannon drove 1,000 miles to shave her head. All the Hair Enthusiasts joined us with front row seats, watching with delight as Shannon was shorn and shaved!! Bravo, brave Shannon!!


Curly, Here is my story- A couple of years ago my boyfriend (Ryan) and I went to get our haircut together. My hair was nearly to my butt and I was just getting a trim. After we were done to my amazement Ryan said I should get it all cut off. I thought it was a little strange since he had told me before that he liked my hair long.

Surprisingly I said ok since I had always wanted to cut my hair short but was always too scared. So we went to a different salon since I wouldn’t trust that kind of haircut to someone at Fantastic Sams which was where we were at the time. So we went and I got all of my hair cut off. It was scary at first but she cut my hair in stages since I was too afraid to let her take it all off at once. It was the first time I had ever had short hair.

After that Ryan revealed to me that he had a hair fetish. I thought it was a little strange but after seeing some of the websites he visited I thought it was perfectly harmless. I kind of got annoyed with it at times because he would always bug me about getting my hair cut. But knowing how happy it made him made it alright and I don’t mind it anymore. I even got my hair cut into an inverted bob with the back buzzed because he wanted me to even though I hated it.

I like my hair better long and over the last couple years I have been letting it grow out. But recently I’ve been thinking of getting it cut really short again. I liked it short it was easy to take care of and I thought it looked good on me.

Even though I was thinking about getting it cut I didn’t tell Ryan because he would bug the hell out of me about doing it. He has been wanting me to get it cut short again since I did it the first time. Then one day he asked me if I would cut it for some cash.

He told me you guys at haircut.net would pay a lot if I got my head shaved and surprisingly enough I said ok as long as I could stay home for awhile and not have to see any family or friends in Pennsylvania which is where we’re from originally.

Even though I was getting paid the real reason I did it was for Ryan because I care about him very much and would do anything for him, and also because I wanted to get him something special for his birthday.

He has often told me that I should get my hair cut for him for his birthday or Christmas or anniversary. So we headed for Chicago to get my head shaved. I have to say I wasn’t really nervous about the actual haircut. I was more nervous about how I was going to look with a bald head. I thought I looked a lot better bald than I thought I would. It was actually kind of fun and I know Ryan enjoyed it. I would definitely do it again in the future.

It’s neat not having any hair. I was apprehensive about going out in public bald at first but that soon wore off. Thanks for making the whole process easy for me. You and your wife were really nice and that made it a lot easier for me. We had fun and I hope maybe we can do it again some time. Thanks, Shannon

Dear Shannon,

On behalf of all the Hair Enthusiasts, we thank you for your beauty, your bravery and for driving all the way to Chicago from Graceland to shave your head!! You will always be treasured as “ONE OF US.”


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Now Playing on Haircut.net 469 DANIELLE

Danielle has always been known for her love of fashion and her unique sense of style. She’s always been daring when it comes to trying new hairstyles and colors, but her latest haircut is truly something special.

Danielle decided to shave her head. Her new haircut has become a hot topic of conversation among hair enthusiasts and those who appreciate a great haircut.

Danielle’s new haircut is a major win for her and has her feeling confident and beautiful. The haircut has transformed her look and has everyone talking.

MORE VIDEO PRODUCERS WANTED- In order to promote more video productions, we are purchasing videos for the subscription site, paid in cash. Video producers can quickly recover their modeling fees and the community can enjoy the new videos. Call or text Curly at 847-986-9343

Watch 469 DANIELLE Now on Haircut.net

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Emily is a 20 year old model who is ready for a new haircut- buzzed in the back, bobbed to lip length, and showing off her pretty face!! 

Emily shows off her new haircut and the money she made in modeling fees. We hope you enjoy Emily’s Makeover Video as much as we enjoyed making it!!

Special thanks to Emily for her beauty, her bravery and her good sportsmanship putting up with the Hair Enthusiast crew!!

Emily loves her new haircut, and so do we!!



Haircut.net Video 409 ABIGAIL AND BLAIR

Abigail is 20 years old, tall as a statue, perhaps the most beautiful model we’ve ever seen! She is about to go ALL THE WAY to shaved!

Abigail joined her best friend Blair, who is 21 years old, has been modeling professionally for over a year. Abigail is about to do her FIRST professional modeling shoot.

Blair explained to Abigail that they would be getting haircuts like Miley Cyrus. Abigail cried up a storm when she found out both she and Blair were about to shave their heads smooth!

Amazingly, Abigail went through with the headshave. Blair did too, each doing the honors for the other.

Abigail took up the clippers and gave Blair her haircut with great enthusiasm.

Halfway through Blair’s haircut, Abigail says “I can’t believe my turn is next!” Blair then takes the clippers and gives Abigail a fast clipper shave!

Watch 409 ABIGAIL AND BLAIR Only On Haircut.net

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Meet our latest models, Ashley and Destiny, ages 19 and 25. Ashley is a Northern Belle from Visconsin- Packers Country. She has an amazing body- tall and curvy, and THREE FEET OF HAIR!! Ashley has decided to go “ALL THE WAY” to a shaved head from butt length, an “EPIC HAIRCUT” in the history of the Hair Enthusiasts.

Ashley’s best friend Destiny came along for moral support. Little did we realize that Destiny would shock us with her spontaneous decision to join Ashley with a shaved head!

Sugar Pie joins the fun, braiding the girls’ hair together as only Sugar Pie can. Sugar Pie also gets special praise for PHOTOGRAPHY, MAKEUP ARTIST, POSING THE MODELS, AND SHARING A MILLION TIPS ON SHAVED BALD BEAUTY.

Ashley shows off her long hair- it is UNBELIEVABLE that Ashley is about to shave her head. She is 19 years old, and hasn’t cut her hair since age 15. Her hair is incredibly long, thick, and she is ready for a big change.

Ashley gets “THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH,” and wants her hair cut “ALL OFF.” We start shooting the “BEFORE” footage for Ashley’s EPIC HAIRCUT. Ashley is ready and eager for the haircut to begin.

Destiny is Ashley’s best friend, along for moral support. Much to our surprise, she says “I’ll do it too.” Now that’s what I call MORAL SUPPORT!

Just because Destiny decided to shave her head didn’t mean she would be shorn without shedding some tears.

Ashley smiled a lot during her haircut- she was ready for it, and enthusiastic throughout her transformation. She loves her haircut and can’t keep her hands off her newly shaved head!

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Want More?

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Sugar Pie will be forever hailed as “THE QUEEN OF HAIRCUT.NET” She has starred as the “RUTHLESSLY ENTHUSIASTIC BARBERRETTE” on many of our videos, and starred in our greatest video, DVD 267 SUGAR PIE’S FIRST HEADSHAVE.

We all waited for years, never imagining that she would EVER shave her head. And when she FINALLY did it, we all watched it LIVE on the subscription site from all over the world!! Was this our finest hour? Don’t leave Curly in charge of counting the vote!! Why did Sugar Pie finally relent after 30 years of begging from all of us? “I wanted a new camera,” she says.

REAL WOMEN DO IT TWICE- After the dam broke, Sugar Pie shaved her head again for the second time on DVD 282. The result? One shaved Sugar Pie and a second new camera on Sugar Pie’s desk.

Some Sugar Pie Maniacs would argue that DVD 310 was the best of the Sugar Pie headshaves. She had grown her hair out for a year and a half. The run “DOWN THE MIDDLE” will thrill you as Sugar Pie watches in the mirror.

Fast forward to DVD 395 featuring Sugar Pie shorn and shaved with a straight razor. THEN, Sugar Pie gives Kelli a “RUTHLESSLY ENTHUSIASTIC” haircut RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!!

Kelli is ready to shave her head for the second time on DVD 385. Sugar Pie fires up the Big Block Chevy clippers and runs them over Kelli’s head like they’re stolen!!

For those keeping score at home, Kelli’s First Headshave is on DVD 285, entitled “THE FRESHMAN.”

Betty Paige received the Sugar Pie “RUTHLESS HEADSHAVE” on DVD 407, and much to everyone’s surprise, when Betty told Sugar Pie to “GET IN THE CHAIR,” she did, and Betty gave Sugar Pie a VERY RUTHLESS haircut!!

Sugar Pie’s most recent headshave is on DVD 478 with Sable as both girls are shorn and shaved to perfection!!

HAIL TO THE QUEEN!! Sugar Pie is the much-loved queen of all the Hair Enthusiasts!!

“BABY, YOU’RE THE GREATEST” says Ralph Cramden.

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