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New videos and updates


Dana (pictured), her Aunt Shiela and Aunt Mary are the latest trio to join us for the ultimate haircut. Long to bald! 

Dana’s Aunties had been talking for a while about it being the right moment in their lives to get a more mature haircut. They’ve kept their hair long for a large portion of their lives and it was time to settle into a style that’s far less maintenance. They contacted us about shaving their heads and weren’t our most traditional models. We weren’t quite ready to make an appointment, so Shiela and Mary took matters into their own hands and recruited their young and beautiful niece, Dana.

Aunt Shiela and Aunt Mary explained to Dana the opportunity they had to be Haircut.Net models, and they needed a ringer to complete the deal. Didn’t really take much to convince Dana… her Aunties had always been so great to her and it was time to return the favor. Plus, if her Aunt’s were willing to shave off all of their long, naturally beautiful hair, surely Dana could do the same with her shorter + dyed hair? Dana was in!

The day came, all three ladies showed up, did the deed and went home. We love a family who shaves together! Thank you to again to Aunt Shiela, Aunt Mary and especially Niece Dana for making this makeover possible!


Sugar Pie will be forever hailed as “THE QUEEN OF HAIRCUT.NET” She has starred as the “RUTHLESSLY ENTHUSIASTIC BARBERRETTE” on many of our videos, and starred in our greatest video, DVD 267 SUGAR PIE’S FIRST HEADSHAVE.

We all waited for years, never imagining that she would EVER shave her head. And when she FINALLY did it, we all watched it LIVE on the subscription site from all over the world!! Was this our finest hour? Don’t leave Curly in charge of counting the vote!! Why did Sugar Pie finally relent after 30 years of begging from all of us? “I wanted a new camera,” she says.

REAL WOMEN DO IT TWICE- After the dam broke, Sugar Pie shaved her head again for the second time on DVD 282. The result? One shaved Sugar Pie and a second new camera on Sugar Pie’s desk.

Some Sugar Pie Maniacs would argue that DVD 310 was the best of the Sugar Pie headshaves. She had grown her hair out for a year and a half. The run “DOWN THE MIDDLE” will thrill you as Sugar Pie watches in the mirror.

Fast forward to DVD 395 featuring Sugar Pie shorn and shaved with a straight razor. THEN, Sugar Pie gives Kelli a “RUTHLESSLY ENTHUSIASTIC” haircut RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!!

Kelli is ready to shave her head for the second time on DVD 385. Sugar Pie fires up the Big Block Chevy clippers and runs them over Kelli’s head like they’re stolen!!

For those keeping score at home, Kelli’s First Headshave is on DVD 285, entitled “THE FRESHMAN.”

Betty Paige received the Sugar Pie “RUTHLESS HEADSHAVE” on DVD 407, and much to everyone’s surprise, when Betty told Sugar Pie to “GET IN THE CHAIR,” she did, and Betty gave Sugar Pie a VERY RUTHLESS haircut!!

Sugar Pie’s most recent headshave is on DVD 478 with Sable as both girls are shorn and shaved to perfection!!

HAIL TO THE QUEEN!! Sugar Pie is the much-loved queen of all the Hair Enthusiasts!!

“BABY, YOU’RE THE GREATEST” says Ralph Cramden.


This week’s winner for “CITY WITH MOST HAIRCUTS WATCHED” ” is Chicago!! Special thanks to all our fans in Chicago, for joining, for watching and enjoying our videos!!

Now let’s talk about Liz.

Liz wants to “LIVE A LITTLE,” and shave her head!! She is a 19 year old college student with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is ready for a big haircut- going all the way from long and lovely to BALD BEAUTY!!

Liz and her friend Vicki drive three hours from their college campus (the one with the “Huskies”) to join us in our studio, and Liz is very excited (and a bit nervous) before her haircut.

Our dream girl has arrived!! 

Vicki is drafted to cut Liz’ hair, and takes Liz through several stages, including a chin length bob, and getting shorter until Liz had a short “pixie” haircut.

As the moment of truth arrived, with the clippers ready to run right down the middle, Liz looks to Vicki, and says, with her lips, “I’m so scared.” 

Two seconds later, the clippers drove down the middle, as Liz said “Take it off!!” and Liz was on her way to becoming a BALD BEAUTY!!

She was very enthusiastic throughout her haircut, and loved it right away!!

All our videos are NOW SHOWING 24/7/365 with NO ADS OR COMMERCIALS OF ANY KIND.

Liz smiles as her haircut starts. Not sure if the model gets more nervous when the hair is cut in stages or “right down the middle.” In Liz’ case, we did both, and she was pretty brave and smiling throughout the haircut.

We are nominating Liz for “MISS BALD ILLINOIS.”

Liz shows off her newly shaved head. 

Our finest hour? We’ll let you decide.

Special thanks to Liz for her beauty, her bravery, and her decision to “LIVE A LITTLE.”


It all started with an email from Tanya responding to our ad “WOULD YOU SHAVE YOUR HEAD FOR $500? 

Tanya responded “I would do it for $5,000.”

Over the course of the next month we negotiated back and forth, and Tanya agreed to shave her head for $600 (A SKINNY KING’S RANSOM). Why? Look closely and you’ll notice that Tanya is ONE OF US, and has been clipping the side of her head for herself, so she has already chopped off all of one side, and just a little of the back. This hurt her “CURRENT HAIR” and we felt that $600 was a fair modeling fee. We all agreed, and scheduled Tanya’s haircut a few days hence.

We gave Tanya every opportunity to chicken out, and proceeded to give Tanya the “GONE IN 60 SECONDS” haircut RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE to the cheers of the many Hair Enthusiasts around the world watching from the front row!!

Tanya is very happy with her new haircut, and so are we!!

Special thanks to Tanya for her beauty, her bravery and for driving over an hour accompanied by her AMAZINGLY SUPPORTIVE MOM to join us for her AMAZING HEADSHAVE!!

As Chris Farley would say, “HOLY SHNYKEES!!”

Want More?

Enjoy Access to Our FULL Collection


It was forty one years ago today that Sugar Pie and I met. She was standing at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Delaware, waiting for a red light to turn green. I walked up and stopped alongside her. It was raining, and I asked her if she ordered the rain. “I must have,” she said. “Everything else has been my fault today.” The light turned green, and we crossed Michigan Avenue together as Sugar Pie told be about the trouble she had that day with a copy machine.

Our first date was at North Avenue Beach, and the rest is history!! I had found my queen!!

Happy Anniversary darling!!

As Ralph Camden would say, “BABY, YOU’RE THE GREATEST!!


Sinead O’Connor is dead at the age of 56. She famously shaved her head around the time her big hit “Nothing Compares” came out (1990?). She also famously tore up a picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live, torpedoing her career.

For a LONG LONG LONG time, Sinead O’Connor inspired a lot of young women to “take the plunge” and shave their heads. Sinead inspired a lot of our models to shave their heads, and we believe she helped “move the ball forward” on appreciation of BALD BEAUTY!!

We will update this post if more information comes in.


In these turbulent times, we encourage everyone to hug and kiss your loved ones, unplug from the devices that give you more stress than benefit, crack open a beer and enjoy the weekend!!

Special thanks to all the men and women who are stuck working this weekend to keep the rest of us safe- to our police and firefighters, EMT’s, doctors, nurses and ER staff, soldiers, sailors, pilots and flight attendants.

ABOVE- Rose is an amazing model who goes “all the way” to shaved on DVD 379- this video is BETTER THAN FIREWORKS!!

BELOW- MANDY GETS THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH- Mandy a/k/a Amanda has worn her hair super long for the last seven years. Tonight she wants a “RIDICULOUSLY SHORT HAIRCUT,” and she came to the right place!! DVD 179 is an excellent choice for the holidays- couples well with Special Export Beer (or any other kind).

SHAVED AT NORTH AVENUE BEACH- Samantha is a GORGOUS young model who goes “all the way” to shaved at North Avenue Beach in Chicago. Note the background- Lake Shore Drive will be part of the race course for the first ever NASCAR Street Race in the Windy City July 4, 2023.

The obsession continues… Y’all know Curly is obsessed with Sara, and we posted an UPDATE with TONS OF NEW PICS!! We will be doing NOTHING for the next few days as all our kids are coming home for July 4th.

We hope you will wander around the site and check out the SHMILLIONS of NEW PICS all over the site.


Emily is a 20 year old model who is ready for a new haircut- buzzed in the back, bobbed to lip length, and showing off her beauty more than her long hair. 

We hope you enjoy Emily’s Makeover Video as much as we enjoyed making it!!

Special thanks to Emily for her beauty, her bravery and her good sportsmanship putting up with the Hair Enthusiast crew!!

Emily loves her new haircut, and so do we!!


We’re back from Kentucky, and happy to share a few treasures we found. The above pic was taken in Cancun shortly after Sugar Pie was almost fired from her job as a Flight Attendant for getting a buzzcut.

Is she the most beautiful woman on this planet? Don’t leave Curly in charge of the voting!!

But wait, there’s more…

This treasure features Sugar Pie in the first haircut Curly gave her after chopping off her waist length locks.

Who knew that we would still be together 40 years later!!

As Ralph Camden would say, “BABY, YOU’RE THE GREATEST!!”


Sugar Pie’s Mom died at the age of 91.

You might remember “Granny” from the Beverly Hillbillies. Sugar Pie’s Mom was a lot like Granny.

Her name was Wilma, but no one ever called her that- we all called her Billie. I met Billie shortly after meeting Sugar Pie in 1982. Billie was my mother in law for about 40 years- also grandmother to our 3 kids.

Few of us get along with their mother in laws, let alone love them like their own Mom. Billie and I could always lean on each other and we loved each other very much. Billie was extremely smart, extremely religious, extremely patient and hard working. Last summer she could still out-walk me, so she had a long and wonderful life.

Billie is still a part of Sugar Pie. A lot of the things Sugar Pie does are just like Billie used to do. Billie is also still alive INSIDE the grandchildren, so a part of her lives on. Billie touched so many lives in her community and around the country as our family has spread out.

I feel so luckily to have had Billie as my mother in law. Sugar Pie and I will miss her a lot.

There are lots of updates among the videos, including Liz on DVD 380 and many others.

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