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Helen is a 21 year old college student from Germany who has been wanting to shave her head for several months. Helen is visiting Chicago, and found our ad “WOULD YOU SHAVE YOUR HEAD FOR $500?” She called us, made an appointment for the next day, and joined us for her amazing transformation from LONG AND LOVELY to BALD AND BEAUTIFUL!

Helen admits she would have shaved her head for free! She’s been wanting to do it for several months, and jumped at the chance to shave her head and earn hundreds of dollars in modeling fees, which she plans to use to help pay for her upcoming trip to Thailand, becoming a globetrotting BALD BEAUTY!

Helen joins us in Chicago 5,000 miles from her home in Germany. Helen is happy to have found kindred spirits in Curly and Sugar Pie, loving her new haircut.

“I LOVE IT,” she says as she looks at her new haircut, touching every bit of her newly shorn scalp and smiling at the newly bald girl in the mirror. We think she will be a great ambassador for bald beauty!!

Special thanks to Helen for her beauty and her bravery!! Special thanks as well to all our supporters who make all our haircuts possible- as they say in Germany, DANKE FUR IHRE UNTERSTUTZUNG!!

(Which means: Thanks for your support)

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