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Sugar Pie will be forever hailed as “THE QUEEN OF HAIRCUT.NET” She has starred as the “RUTHLESSLY ENTHUSIASTIC BARBERRETTE” on many of our videos, and starred in our greatest video, DVD 267 SUGAR PIE’S FIRST HEADSHAVE.

We all waited for years, never imagining that she would EVER shave her head. And when she FINALLY did it, we all watched it LIVE on the subscription site from all over the world!! Was this our finest hour? Don’t leave Curly in charge of counting the vote!! Why did Sugar Pie finally relent after 30 years of begging from all of us? “I wanted a new camera,” she says.

REAL WOMEN DO IT TWICE- After the dam broke, Sugar Pie shaved her head again for the second time on DVD 282. The result? One shaved Sugar Pie and a second new camera on Sugar Pie’s desk.

Some Sugar Pie Maniacs would argue that DVD 310 was the best of the Sugar Pie headshaves. She had grown her hair out for a year and a half. The run “DOWN THE MIDDLE” will thrill you as Sugar Pie watches in the mirror.

Fast forward to DVD 395 featuring Sugar Pie shorn and shaved with a straight razor. THEN, Sugar Pie gives Kelli a “RUTHLESSLY ENTHUSIASTIC” haircut RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!!

Kelli is ready to shave her head for the second time on DVD 385. Sugar Pie fires up the Big Block Chevy clippers and runs them over Kelli’s head like they’re stolen!!

For those keeping score at home, Kelli’s First Headshave is on DVD 285, entitled “THE FRESHMAN.”

Betty Paige received the Sugar Pie “RUTHLESS HEADSHAVE” on DVD 407, and much to everyone’s surprise, when Betty told Sugar Pie to “GET IN THE CHAIR,” she did, and Betty gave Sugar Pie a VERY RUTHLESS haircut!!

Sugar Pie’s most recent headshave is on DVD 478 with Sable as both girls are shorn and shaved to perfection!!

HAIL TO THE QUEEN!! Sugar Pie is the much-loved queen of all the Hair Enthusiasts!!

“BABY, YOU’RE THE GREATEST” says Ralph Cramden.

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