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Hailey and Talia are beautiful blonde coeds who shocked everyone at HAIRCUT.NET when they shaved each others heads- TIT FOR TAT!!

In our recent election, Hailey came out near the top of all the beautiful models on HAIRCUT.NET!!

This is TALIA. Of all the people on this page, she is the only one who had no intention of shaving her head today. She was planning to go with HAYLEY as moral support for Hayley’s headshave.

IN THE BEGINNING: It all started with Maureen- about two and a half years before Talia and Hayley’s headshaves. More about her later….

At a nearby university, Talia and Hayley were just a few of the college girls who were amazed when Maureen shaved her head. All the girls quietly looked at each other, wondering what they would look like with a shaved head.

OK, back to last week.

Hayley called me responding to our ad, and scheduled her headshave. She called back later asking if her friend Talia could come along for moral support.

“Of course,” we said, and later that day, Hayley and Talia joined us for Hayley’s Headshave. Little did we realize that Talia would jump in and SHAVE HER HEAD as well as doing the honors of shaving Hayley’s head, nominated for Ruthlessly Enthusiastic Haircut of the Year!!

Holy Shnykees!! And the rest is history. Maureen’s bravery inspired both Hayley and Talia to join the PHI KAPPA BALDA Sorority.

Is Talia the Best Bald Chick ever?

Is Hayley the Best Bald Chick Ever? I would vote for her, and I think a lot of other people would too!! She decided to shave her head, and also inspired Talia to shave her head as well.

Is Maureen the Best Bald Chick ever? Aside from her bravery and beauty, she exposed so many young coeds to bald beauty and made some of them think seriously about doing it. So much so that Hayley and Talia did it.

Can one woman change the whole world?

We love these beautiful girls with their long hair, for sure!!

But many of us love these beautiful girls with their shaved heads, believing they are just as beautiful without hair, if not moreso.

Bravo to brave Maureen, for starting it off; to Hayley for making the appointment; to Talia for her “Surprise Headshave” and to all our fans who support our efforts and make these amazing haircuts happen. We say BRAVO to all the Brave Bald Beauties of HAIRCUT.NET.

The polls are still open, under the “NEWS” button.

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