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Sugar Pie’s Mom died at the age of 91.

You might remember “Granny” from the Beverly Hillbillies. Sugar Pie’s Mom was a lot like Granny.

Her name was Wilma, but no one ever called her that- we all called her Billie. I met Billie shortly after meeting Sugar Pie in 1982. Billie was my mother in law for about 40 years- also grandmother to our 3 kids.

Few of us get along with their mother in laws, let alone love them like their own Mom. Billie and I could always lean on each other and we loved each other very much. Billie was extremely smart, extremely religious, extremely patient and hard working. Last summer she could still out-walk me, so she had a long and wonderful life.

Billie is still a part of Sugar Pie. A lot of the things Sugar Pie does are just like Billie used to do. Billie is also still alive INSIDE the grandchildren, so a part of her lives on. Billie touched so many lives in her community and around the country as our family has spread out.

I feel so luckily to have had Billie as my mother in law. Sugar Pie and I will miss her a lot.

There are lots of updates among the videos, including Liz on DVD 380 and many others.

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