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Dana (pictured), her Aunt Shiela and Aunt Mary are the latest trio to join us for the ultimate haircut. Long to bald! 

Dana’s Aunties had been talking for a while about it being the right moment in their lives to get a more mature haircut. They’ve kept their hair long for a large portion of their lives and it was time to settle into a style that’s far less maintenance. They contacted us about shaving their heads and weren’t our most traditional models. We weren’t quite ready to make an appointment, so Shiela and Mary took matters into their own hands and recruited their young and beautiful niece, Dana.

Aunt Shiela and Aunt Mary explained to Dana the opportunity they had to be Haircut.Net models, and they needed a ringer to complete the deal. Didn’t really take much to convince Dana… her Aunties had always been so great to her and it was time to return the favor. Plus, if her Aunt’s were willing to shave off all of their long, naturally beautiful hair, surely Dana could do the same with her shorter + dyed hair? Dana was in!

The day came, all three ladies showed up, did the deed and went home. We love a family who shaves together! Thank you to again to Aunt Shiela, Aunt Mary and especially Niece Dana for making this makeover possible!

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