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This week’s winner for “CITY WITH MOST HAIRCUTS WATCHED” ” is Chicago!! Special thanks to all our fans in Chicago, for joining, for watching and enjoying our videos!!

Now let’s talk about Liz.

Liz wants to “LIVE A LITTLE,” and shave her head!! She is a 19 year old college student with long brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is ready for a big haircut- going all the way from long and lovely to BALD BEAUTY!!

Liz and her friend Vicki drive three hours from their college campus (the one with the “Huskies”) to join us in our studio, and Liz is very excited (and a bit nervous) before her haircut.

Our dream girl has arrived!! 

Vicki is drafted to cut Liz’ hair, and takes Liz through several stages, including a chin length bob, and getting shorter until Liz had a short “pixie” haircut.

As the moment of truth arrived, with the clippers ready to run right down the middle, Liz looks to Vicki, and says, with her lips, “I’m so scared.” 

Two seconds later, the clippers drove down the middle, as Liz said “Take it off!!” and Liz was on her way to becoming a BALD BEAUTY!!

She was very enthusiastic throughout her haircut, and loved it right away!!

All our videos are NOW SHOWING 24/7/365 with NO ADS OR COMMERCIALS OF ANY KIND.

Liz smiles as her haircut starts. Not sure if the model gets more nervous when the hair is cut in stages or “right down the middle.” In Liz’ case, we did both, and she was pretty brave and smiling throughout the haircut.

We are nominating Liz for “MISS BALD ILLINOIS.”

Liz shows off her newly shaved head. 

Our finest hour? We’ll let you decide.

Special thanks to Liz for her beauty, her bravery, and her decision to “LIVE A LITTLE.”

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