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Welcome to Curly’s practice page.

HAYLEY AND TALIA- BEFORE PIC including Hayley’s head.

Danielle on DVD 469, showing off her beautiful hair, sexy leopard strapless dress, and beautiful smile… GRRRRRRRRR…. And yes, Danielle bravely sat in the barber’s chair and shaved off all her hair with amazing grace and good humor.

Is Curly obsessed with Danielle? Aren’t you?

Bella is an amazing beauty who flew 5,000 miles from Arizona to Chicago to shave her head in our studio, with the cut done by Sugar Pie, who cut Bella’s hair with such ruthless enthusiasm, it came down in SHEETS!! Must See TV. DVD 368

Was this our finest hour?

As Tommy Boy would say, HOLY SHNYKEES!!

Sugar Pie almost got fired from her job as a flight attendant when she showed up with a buzzcut that would be tame by today’s standards. When she was confronted by the BIG WIGS who wanted to fire her for having an “extreme haircut,” she assured them that it came out shorter than she thought it would, and she promised to “grow it back immediately.”

Tiffany is a college freshman trying to become a PLAYBOY PLAYMATE, and succumbs to the temptation of a KING’S RANSOM to shave her head!! We purchase plane tickets from Rhode Island to Chicago, and Tiffany makes Hair Enthusiast History, going from beautiful blonde bombshell to BALD BEAUTY!! Tiffany is very happy with her new haircut, and shows off her new haircut all across her campus, undoubtedly inspiring others to cut their hair short.

Was this our finest hour?

Amber is about to go “all the way” to a shaved head in the coming minutes. She is a gorgeous young coed who bravely goes from blonde bombshell to bald beauty!! DVD 185

Was this our finest hour?

Charity won the recent election as the Best Bald Chick Ever!! PS I love this picture of Sugar Pie too!!

Who knew that our finest hour would come so quickly out of the gate, with Sugar Pie displaying her ruthless enthusiasm with the clippers. DVD 17 came out with Charity’s haircut as well as Shamas, a beautiful young Palestinian woman who also received her haircut from Sugar Pie. Charity did some crying during her haircut, and we edited out that part from the original release, thinking our fans might not like seeing the model crying. Later Sugar Pie asked me to make the video again, and include ALL the footage. That version became DVD 231- both versions are showing on the sub site.

Millie is a beautiful young college freshman who drove 500 miles each way from Kansas City with her friend Lexi, to shave her head. While the entire haircut was PRETTY DAMN EXCITING, the highlight comes as Millie rubs her hands over her head and says, “It’s like when Kyle shaved his head for the first time.” Millie explains that her friend Kyle played the role of the King in “THE KING AND I” and shaved his head throughout the performances.

Was this our finest hour?


ROCK STAR AMANDA- Beautiful Amanda comes to our. studio and gets her hair cut from long blonde bombshell to HOT YOUNG BALD ROCK STAR!! DVD 401- Must See!!

Lynn from San Fran flew over 2,000 miles from San Fran to Chicago to cut her long silky hair off. Sugar Pie does the honors, running the clippers right down the middle!! In minutes, all of Lynn’s hair is on the barber shop floor!!

Was this our finest hour?

For those Winston Churchill fans, here is the complete original quote:

Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duty and so bear ourselves that, if the British Empire and its Commonwealth last for a thousand years, men will still say: This was their finest hour.

Laura is the Rabbi’s daughter. She and her beau just cut off both their manes (on DVD 169)

The couple that shaves together stays together.

Amazing Bella thinks about shaving her head.

Bells is ready to go “ALL THE WAY” to shaved bald beauty!!


Veronica stars on DVD 474. She is a professional model, so it’s a big deal to cut off all her hair. After thinking about it for weeks, she decides to do it. She drives 100 miles to our studio and goes from long beautiful hair to shaved BALD BEAUTY!! Veronica loves her new haircut, and so do we!!

If you like seeing scissored haircuts, you might love Stephanie’s Haircut (DVD 91). Stephanie is sure she wants a buzz cut but isn’t sure about going “all the way” to shaved bald.

First, we give her a nice short pixie haircut with scissors.

Next, we give Stephanie a buzz-cut with the number 2 blade. Then, after a pause, Stephanie says “Shave it!!”

Was this our finest hour?

Is it just me or does Stephanie look 10 times better with her head shaved?

CRYSTAL is a beautiful redhead with thick beautiful hair. She says she has to be to work in an hour, and we assure her that we can do her haircut very quickly indeed!! When the clippers come to life, Crystal admits to being very nervous, but when asked if she’s ready, she says YES and we quickly run the clippers down the middle. “OH MY GOD” she says. The clippers make quick work of Crystal’s beautiful hair, and in minutes she is shorn to BALD BEAUTY!!

Was this our finest hour?

We better hope Curly isn’t in charge of counting the votes!!

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